How TV is changing

How we absorb and assimilate information is rapidly changing every day. 

PLUGmedia recently redeveloped one of our clients website, Mactivate , that sells and repairs Apple hardware, in Dublin. As we worked together in developing the new website I was privy to the wonderful range of Mac products that are now available. One day, Alan demonstrated the AppleTV to me. I was immediately hooked and picked up one later that week.Six months later, what can I say. Has it changed my life? Yes, it most definitely has. For someone who loves technology and is always looking for the latest gadgets, plug-ins and apps. 

AppleTV is really changing the way we access information. I remember a company I used to work for, introduced the first Internet TV box to Ireland, Unison , at the end of the last millennium. 12 years later I believe they are finally getting it right.

How do I use my AppleTV ?
I estimate that I started using it every week. More recently, with the introduction of Netflix in Ireland, this has ramped up to every day. It started with me accessing the free services provided, such as YouTube and the files on the computers in my house using HomeShare. Playing music from my different computers. Showing image and video files from my iPhone.The next step was to insert my credit card details and download some movies. Once your details are logged in, it is too easy. From standard to HD you can access an array of the latest movies that you find on the shelves of your local video store, the ones that are left. After, upgrading my Internet connection to UPC, the download was faultless. Not once did I notice a waiting for a download or connection error? Shortly afterwards we had the addition of thousands of Internet radio stations. This was on every night we were having a couple of drinks and before going out to get the heart racing. Then came Vimeo and some other News and sport-related video sites. As of a week ago I noticed an ad online stating Netflix in Ireland. Since signing up for the €6.99 a month option. The 

AppleTV has been on every single day. Watching the two Series of Misfits in 2 days. Fantastic TV show. Numerous movies and dipping in and out of other TV series that I never had the time to watch before.

Warning for your AppleTVIt is so easy to get lost in this new, just-click world of information. Perhaps, like most people, it’s the honeymoon stage of the relationship and the familiarity breeds contempt factor, will take its hold. The one thing that has become apparent since Netflix arrived, is my ISP has suddenly started limiting my bandwidth/data usage from what I can tell. Now, I have started getting Connection Errors and spinning waiting icons. You will probably need the top end data usage and download limit option. Another point is that currently there is no Apple embedded browser at the point of writing this article. The are a host of other features that the AppleTV can provide, that you can read here . I did come across some article about how you can Jailbreak your Apple TV to get past some of the limitations, by a company called Firecore . And I also tried an application on my iPhone and PC called AirVideo that converts files on the fly, as the streamed from one video format to the other from your PC to your AppleTV .Perhaps, you have some suggestions of how else you can use your AppleTV .

If you buy your AppleTV from Mactivate remember to tell them Sam sent you 🙂


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