10 Uses for ChatGPT or Bard That Probably Never Crossed Your Mind

AI as your PA

As a self-confessed tech enthusiast and a bit of a futurist, I’ve always been drawn to the latest in technology. My fascination led me to become an early adopter of ChatGPT since its inception in November 2022. I love exploring its capabilities, pushing its limits to see what it can really do. Here are my top 10 practical uses for ChatGPT and Bard, which you might find surprisingly helpful.

1. Photo Feedback

Are you a budding photographer looking for ways to improve? AI can now assist in taking, composing, and even editing photos. Both ChatGPT and Bard can analyse images and offer expert advice. I’ve even created a custom bot named Photo Mentor WiseBot, designed to provide constructive feedback and coaching on photography. It’s been a hit, even with professional photographers.

2. Software How-Tos (Bard)

Navigating through numerous software applications can be daunting. I frequently use Bard for quick guidance. Just ask it in plain English how to perform specific actions in different applications. It’s not always spot-on due to software version variations, but it’s incredibly handy and often a lifesaver.

3. Convert Handwritten Notes and Summarize

This one amazed me. ChatGPT can take scanned, handwritten notes – even those scribbled with different colors and post-its – and summarize them with impressive accuracy. It categorises information, identifies action items, deadlines, and important dates. The efficiency it brings to note-taking is just phenomenal.

4. Music for Social Media Reels

For my EnterPortugal project, I release daily reels on various cultural aspects. Not being a music buff, I rely on my context-trained ChatGPT for music suggestions based on the reel’s content and the platform, whether it’s Instagram or TikTok.

5. Website Quick Fix or Feedback

Bard has been an incredible asset during the development of EnterPortugal.com, especially while grappling with complex WordPress plugins. Its ability to clarify and guide through perplexing digital issues is nothing short of remarkable.

6. Personal or Project Budget Assistance

ChatGPT can meticulously craft a budget based on your inputs. It factors in your location, recommends cost-saving measures, and even advises on spending decisions. This feature is a boon for both personal and project budgeting.

7. Lead Generation on LinkedIn

I ventured into a bit of coding to create a Discovery Specialist GPT. This custom tool researches companies, finds key LinkedIn profiles, and drafts personalized connection messages. It’s like having a digital research assistant tailor-made for networking.

8. Travel Planner

ChatGPT can be your last-minute travel advisor. For instance, it helped me find a destination near Lisbon with forests, lakes, and a castle. It offers choices, distances, travel times, and must-see attractions.

9. Social Media Research Tool

Need to conduct social media research? ChatGPT can compile lists based on specific criteria, like finding all Chinese/Asian restaurants in Lisbon ranked by their Instagram followers. The possibilities are endless and incredibly efficient.

10. Hilarious Guestimates

For some lighthearted fun, I asked ChatGPT to estimate the number of cobblestones in Lisbon. Its guess: somewhere between 500 to 750 million! It’s amusing and adds a quirky touch to my social media content.


Exploring the capabilities of ChatGPT and Bard has been an adventure filled with discovery and innovation. These tools have not only simplified complex tasks but also opened up new avenues for creativity and efficiency. Whether you’re a tech guru or just starting out, the potential applications of AI in everyday scenarios are limitless and often just a query away. It’s a journey of technological exploration, and I’m excited to see where it leads next.

P.S. Sorry I just had to share this final one, because I just used to create the header image.
Use ChatGPT’s Dalle 3 to write your Midjourney image prompts. Send me a message to find out this trick!

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