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Why Us

Choose Lyons Club for a partnership that transcends traditional coaching and consulting.

It’s not just about the destination; it’s about the transformative journey we embark on together. Our passion lies in weaving decades of technological ingenuity with the fine threads of leadership development to uplift and illuminate your business path.

Why I Do IT

My odyssey began in the corridors of education, where I discovered a zeal for igniting change. That spark grew as I navigated the intricate dance of leading a digital agency, learning the rhythms of resilience and the harmony of human connection. In the tapestry of over 40 industries, I’ve gathered stories, insights, and a profound understanding that no leader needs to journey alone. With Lyons Club, I extend a hand, inviting you to join in a shared quest for growth, well-being, and a legacy of success.

Samuel Lyons
Leading Differently

Living my values through action

Innovation is fueled by continuous learning and a culture of intellectual curiosity. We empower our clients with the knowledge to adapt and thrive, ensuring they’re not just participants but leaders in the digital revolution.

Understanding your unique challenges is our starting point. Empathy drives our strategies, ensuring they are tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

Our persistence is your gain. We tirelessly explore every avenue and opportunity to ensure your business not only meets but exceeds its goals

At the heart of our approach is a commitment to kindness. We believe in fostering positive, respectful relationships that encourage open communication and mutual respect

Harnessing the power of perspective, we guide a mindset shift that transforms challenges into opportunities, leading to more positive and desired outcomes.

We create environments where growth is not just possible but inevitable. Our aim is to nurture your potential and help it flourish in an ever-evolving business landscape

“I see adversity and obstacles as challenges and opportunities to grow.”

Case Studies

Some Clients I worked with

Continuous Development

As much as I love facilitating, I have an insatiable hunger for knowledge. It keeps my mind fresh and my capacity to serve my clients and to develop new projects.

Academic Courses

1993 – Media Production & Communications
1998 – ECDL Trainer
2004 – Professional Certificate in Facilitation Skills
2006 – Leadership Coaching & Facilitation
2009 – Business Development
2016 – Masters in Design Innovation
2018 – Leadership & Management Development
2019 – PostGrad in Workplace Wellbeing

Courses Taken
Software Utilised
Courses I Train
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Get in touch

Samuel Lyons, The Tara Building, 12 Tara Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. D02 RY83

Work inquiries

ph: +353 (086) 809 8528

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