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My mum always told me that I was one of the most curious (annoying) kids, always asking questions. This has only grown with age. My hunger for learning might be called a generalist outlook. This is my greatest strength. It is the power that ignites my innovative mind and allows me empathises with so many. I adore working with a new client from a new industry or specialty. It fascinates me to learn the ins and outs of someone else’s passion and to conceptualise solutions to problems that are outside my remit. Hence my portfolio below having such a wide range of industries, projects, and solutions. The more varied my experience has been, enables me to apply my skills flexibly to situations I have never come across. Additionally, I  continuously get to do things that I love and that make me come alive.

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A More Specialised Approach

Where I do specialise is on getting to understand you and what are your needs. I look, listen and absorb the issues that you are facing by seeing what’s really going on. I then take these insights and guide you to create solutions that think outside the box. Ideas that challenge you and make you consider possibilities that may never have crossed your mind. This can feel uncomfortable. Are you ready to be uncomfortable?

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Samuel Lyons, The Tara Building, 12 Tara Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. D02 RY83

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ph: +353 (086) 809 8528

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