Why is Telegram used by people when we already have WhatsApp

Telegram or WhatsApp

Great question! Here’s why people choose Telegram despite the presence of popular tools like WhatsApp:

1. Privacy & Security:

  • End-to-End Encryption (Optional): Telegram offers truly optional “Secret Chats” with end-to-end encryption. Regular chats use their secure MTProto encryption, but data is stored on their servers.
  • Less Data Sharing: Unlike WhatsApp (linked to Meta/Facebook), Telegram collects minimal user data and isn’t primarily an ad-driven platform.
  • Self-Destructing Messages: Telegram allows users to set messages and media to self-destruct after a certain period.

2. Features and Flexibility:

  • Massive Groups and Channels: Telegram supports enormous groups of up to 200,000 members and channels that can broadcast to unlimited subscribers. This makes it popular for communities and larger organizations.
  • File Sharing Extravaganza: Telegram allows sharing files up to 2GB in size (much larger than many competitors), making it versatile for exchanging larger documents, videos, and other media.
  • Customization: Telegram offers extensive customization options with themes, stickers, and more.
  • Bots: Telegram’s bot platform is powerful, allowing users to automate tasks, create games, and integrate third-party services within the app.

3. Cloud-Based Functionality:

  • Device Independence: Telegram messages are synced across all your devices seamlessly, regardless of whether you’re using your phone, laptop, or tablet. You can access your chats from anywhere.
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage: Telegram’s cloud storage means you don’t have to worry about backing up your chats or media locally.

Why people might choose Telegram over WhatsApp specifically:

  • Usernames, not phone numbers: You can connect with others on Telegram using just a username, maintaining more privacy than WhatsApp, which relies on your phone number.
  • No Meta association: Some people are wary of WhatsApp’s connection with Meta (Facebook) and its data handling practices, making Telegram a more privacy-focused alternative.

Important Note: While Telegram has many advantages, it’s crucial to remember that regular chats are NOT end-to-end encrypted by default. For maximum security, use the “Secret Chats” feature.


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