Young Minds Online

the client

Lisa Wright

Realising the need for young people’s awareness of their usage online Young Minds Online was developed to meet the need for educating young people and parents. Young Minds Online was an online course that will equip young people aged 14 – 18 with the skills to stay safe when online. The course contains five modules and the learning materials are fully flexible so that they can be studied via desktop, tablet, or mobile – when at home, at school, or simply on the go! 


Sam, Brendan, & Eanna



Consulting, Design, & Coaching


Mar 2014 to July 2015

the challenge

Engaging the Digital Generation

The task was to transform Young Minds Online’s educational program into a digital format that captivates and educates teenagers aged 14 to 18. The aim was to craft content that not only engages but also imparts valuable lessons in a format suitable for both schools and educational institutions. The challenge lay in ensuring the digital curriculum was comprehensive, interactive, and aligned with educational standards to foster a safe and informed online presence among young learners.


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Crafting a Digital Learning Journey for Young Minds

Collaborating with Lisa Wright, we embarked on creating a digital strategy tailored to the interests and learning styles of teenagers. This involved designing a Learning Management System (LMS) that effectively engages students, ensuring the content is not only educational but also resonates with their digital experiences. Our focus was on developing a platform that fosters a deep understanding of online safety and digital citizenship, equipping young learners with the knowledge and skills for navigating the digital world responsibly.

the solutions

Interactive Digital Learning Odyssey

We developed an engaging interactive learning system, featuring a relatable character guiding students through their educational journey. This system incorporated fun games and assessments at each learning stage, ensuring comprehension and retention. Upon completion, students were awarded a certificate, marking their achievement and understanding of the course material. This innovative approach ensured that learning was not only effective but also enjoyable for the students, fostering a positive and interactive online educational experience.



2015: €7,500
2016: €30,000



400% Increase in FB
250% increase in Insta

New Venues

43% increase in 2015
62% increase in 2016

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