How often do you look at your phone throughout the day? Have you ever counted? I know, with myself, it’s the first thing I do when I wake up, and the last, most of the time, when I go to bed. As we create more and more apps, it is becoming our lifeline. Imagine, missing your stop because you fell asleep on a long bus journey. You wake up in a small town in the middle of Slovakia. The only person is the bus driver, who is speaking to you in a foreign language, directing you to get off his bus, he is going to his home around the corner. What is the first thing you are going to do? So you reach for it and see that terrifying empty battery icon. Can you survive?

When was the last time you didn’t have your phone with you for more than 24 hours. Can you imagine the thought of it! Most of us have had the experience of losing or breaking or phone. Can you remember how it made you feel? It feels weird. Like you are lost. I normally get to a computer as quickly as possible and message a couple of people or even post a note on social media to let people know. I’m as techie as they come. The other day I was checking my apps and realised I have an app for everything. Ordering takeaway food, a taxi, grocery shopping, image manipulation, banking, finding properties, comms app of all kinds, music, video editing, social posting, tv, payment, entertainment, smart controls, dating… the list goes on and on. Like WTF!!! A lifeline! It is becoming our lives.

What does it mean? Is it an addiction at this stage? Easy way to find out. Take a phone holiday and see how you feel.


nounnoun: addiction; plural noun: addictions

  1. the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity.
  2. a term that means compulsive physiological need for and use of a habit-forming substance

It is a constant distraction from living in the moment. When we are out, most of the time, we leave our phones on the table or sometimes, we even have them in our hands or are constantly checking them as notifications keep pinging. Or when someone leaves you by yourself for 1 min, most of us are immediately go straight on to our phones. Sitting on the toilet, walking down the street, on public transport, waiting in a queue, you name it when we have 30 secs to spare we give our energy to our phones. Just in case! It’s the greatest game of FOMO ever. Smartphone! It sure is, that it captures so much of our energy. My partner gets jealous of me on mine and me the same of him.

Do you care? Will you ever change it? Probably not. I invite you to try it. Start small. Have a simple rule to start. No phone on the toilet or before going to bed. Then try, not allowed to take it out of your pocket when out on the street, except for a photo or when you get lost. See what happens! You will be surprised what you are missing. This world is quite a magical place and you might be just be missing it passing you by while you check to see whether someone liked your last Insta story. Then, when you start noticing how good it feels. Go on a phone holiday!!! Can you imagine? Probably need to notify the world, friends, family etcetera, that you are safe. You are alive. Just experimenting with this crazy idea.

I had the pleasure of leaving my phone back in my apartment one night to recharge and did not have it on me for over 12 hours. It was liberating. I ended chatting to someone right into the morning and watching the sunrise. I remember thinking, ohh this will make a fantastic photo. Although I’m so glad I didn’t have it. The visuals were spectacular and the memory will be imprinted in my mind forever. Come back into this world and connect with the magic that always surrounds you. It’s rather refreshing. Yes, you can put it down now 🙂

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