NZEB Opendoors

the client

IHER Energy Services

Michael Hanratty of IHER Energy Services, inspired by his impactful work with Energy Action, sought collaboration to promote the NZEB Open Doors project, supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme. The campaign aimed to demystify European EPBD regulations by showcasing accessible, practical examples of nearly zero energy buildings. The goal was to illustrate that achieving the ambitious NZEB standards was not only possible but practical, offering a tangible experience to the public and authorities alike in the drive toward energy-efficient building practices.

IHER Energy Services


Sam, Elena, Brendan, Istvan & Eanna



Customer Profiling, Web Development & Marketing


Sep 2015 to Sep 2018

the challenge

Strategising Sustainability: Adapting to Change

In 2015, the transition of the NZEB Open Doors campaign from European funding to self-sufficiency presented a unique challenge. Our task was to stretch a modest budget to create an impactful digital presence and maintain the momentum of previous years. We delved into the insights gathered from past visitors to understand the key motivators and barriers they faced. By developing comprehensive marketing personas, our strategy aimed not only to engage previous participants but also to resonate with potential homeowners and those considering energy upgrades. Our approach was to craft a message that connected with their environmental and financial considerations, using targeted communication to spark interest and drive participation.


Vision Mission Values
Media Strategy
Brand Consulting
1-2-1 Business Coaching
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Catalysing Energy Efficiency with Insights

Centered on creating a new, interactive website that could serve as the hub for yearly themes, ensuring consistent messaging across all our digital channels. This setup facilitated the launch of annual events, drawing attention from the press and government officials, thereby elevating the campaign’s profile. This was an annual process that allowed us to create a launch event every year with the NZEB Open Doors theme of the year, allowing us to invite press and the Minister for Communications and the Environment to attend. 

the solutions

Energising Engagement: A Multi-Faceted Campaign Solution

Implemented a comprehensive inbound marketing campaign, leveraging social media, email, radio ads, print materials, and unique initiatives like a themed calendar. Engaging content, including blogs, articles, and competitions, was designed to build up to the main event days. The creation and distribution of a meticulously designed annual brochure played a crucial role in driving nationwide engagement, significantly boosting website traffic, social media following, and, critically, the number of home visits and homeowner participation.

NZEB Website


20,000 Emails
1,600 Digital Brochures



350,000 Web Impressiona
2000,000 Social Impresions

New Venues

43% increase in 2015 83% increase in 2016
120% increase in 2017

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