Mutz Nutz Petcare

the client

Conor cooney

Mutz Nutz Petcare is a family-run Dublin-based pet store chain with a passion for happy and healthy pets. They offer a wide range of supplies for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, fish, and small animals. Their knowledgeable staff provides excellent customer service, and they even offer dog grooming services in some locations. They entered the marketplace with a small store in the KCRarea in early 2014.

Mutz Nutz Social Media
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Consulting, Design, & Coaching


Sep 2014 to Sep 2017

the challenge

Navigating Growth and Brand Identity

Mutz Nutz Petcare, a small family-owned pet store in Dublin 8, faced challenges in a competitive market dominated by larger retailers. The brand needed development and a strategy to enhance recognition and awareness. The key challenge was to not only stand out in a crowded marketplace but also to deeply understand customer desires and expectations to tailor their offerings effectively.


Vision Mission Values
Media Strategy
Brand Consulting
1-2-1 Business Coaching
Mutz Nutz Multifaceted approach

Crafting a Connected Community

For Mutz Nutz Petcare, the approach involved a comprehensive rebranding and online community development through platforms like Facebook, emphasizing the 80/20 rule for customer engagement. The strategy focused on understanding customer needs, identifying their pain points, and addressing them effectively to foster a strong, interactive online presence. This method aimed to grow the brand from a single store to three in Dublin by closely connecting with and understanding the pet owner community.

the solutions

Revitalising: A Comprehensive Digital Transformation

The solution for Mutz Nutz Petcare was a holistic digital rebranding, coinciding with the launch of a new, theme-based store that truly reflected the brand’s ethos. This innovative approach included custom sales stickers with QR codes, engaging online content, and special in-store customer interviews to understand the diverse customer base. Additionally, the introduction of Mutz Nutz paper currency for in-store credit significantly enhanced customer loyalty. The strategy encompassed digital marketing, business coaching, and creative content and design services, resulting in a successful brand revitalisation.

Mutz Nutz Website

Increase Sales

2014: 80%
2015: 140%
2016: 130%



230% Increase Annually on FB
Website Sales

New Venues

Tallaght Store 2016
New Store in 2018

Get in touch

Samuel Lyons, The Tara Building, 12 Tara Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. D02 RY83

Work inquiries
ph: +353 (086) 809 8528

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