Lucca Leadership

the client

Lucca Leadership

Lucca Leadership was an international charity network,  dedicated to inspiring transformational leadership across the globe. With a mission to elevate humanity through lasting positive change, they specialised in empowering youth to enact sustainable transformations within their communities.

Lucca Leadership


Sam & Robert



Consulting, Facilitation, Google Workspace & Coaching


Sep 2007 to Dec 2010

the challenge

Empowering Global Change Through Digital Integration

Operating in seven countries with a dynamic team of over 120 volunteers, Lucca Leadership faced the challenge of unifying communications and operations. They needed an IT infrastructure that fostered collaboration and learning without excessive costs.


Vision Mission Values
Media Strategy
Brand Consulting
1-2-1 Business Coaching

Outside Box Thinking

Our consultancy was tasked with revolutionising Lucca Leadership’s IT and digital marketing strategies. After an in-depth analysis of their communication and administrative requirements, we proposed a cloud-based solution tailored for their unique, multi-national setup.

Digital Transformation

We orchestrated the deployment of Google Workspace (formerly Google Suite), establishing a robust digital ecosystem encompassing email, document management, scheduling, and a bespoke intranet. This platform ensured seamless connectivity and real-time collaboration among the international volunteer team.

Training and Development

To empower the volunteers with self-sufficiency, we developed a comprehensive online learning portal. This resource featured a series of intuitive screen-capture tutorials detailing the functionalities of Google Workspace. The volunteers could independently master the tools at their own pace, ensuring continuity and efficiency in their global initiatives.


The implementation of this cloud computing solution bridged the geographical divides, strengthening the charity’s internal processes and enhancing their outreach capabilities. The intuitive training program resulted in a marked increase in volunteer engagement and operational efficacy.


What I Learned

This case exemplifies the transformative power of tailored IT solutions in non-profit environments. Lucca Leadership’s digital transformation journey is a testament to how strategic technological integration can amplify impact on an international scale.

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