J2 Global

the client

James Havey

J2 Global was a technology company focused on cloud services (like internet fax and email) and digital media ownership (websites like IGN and Mashable). In 2021, J2 Global split into two companies: Consensus Cloud Solutions, Inc. (for cloud services) and Ziff Davis, Inc. (for digital media). Ziff Davis continues today, operating many popular tech and entertainment websites.

Social media and content sharing


Sam, Elena, Brendan, Istvan & Eanna



Consulting, Design, & Coaching


Sep 2014 to Sep 2016

the challenge

How to develop the brand on zero budget

StreetSmart Ireland is the brain child of Brian Cuddy who approached me in late 2014 with his concept, looking for help with how to increase brand awareness and get the dialogue moving. Working on it voluntarily Brian needed support and low cost techniques that he can implement over the next 12 months with greatest results. 


Vision Mission Values
Media Strategy
Brand Consulting
1-2-1 Business Coaching

Reflect, Reframe & Restart

Brian approached me looking for advice on how he might be able to get better brand exposure and publicity for StreetSmart Ireland on a zero budget. His passion and drive for the idea had brought him a long way. I felt that a good starting point will be for Brian to reflect on his Vision Mission and Values for the future of the business. Once he had this worked out we began to brainstorm strategies on some innovative business concepts and rebranding ideas following the UK brand. After developing numerous Customer Personas we developed an inbound marketing  campaign and 12 to 24 months strategy in Public Relations and Marketing. 

the solutions

Brand, Celebrities and Growth

Brian and I reviewed the brand with agreement being made to alter it to be more inline with StreetSmart UK. This led to concepts of restaurant table cards and window stickers. Building a bigger following online and increase awareness was achieved by getting some Irish & International celebrities. Brian led a campaign of getting venue holders and celebrities holding being photographed holding a €2 coin. The plan was to have realistic targets for taking on new venues over the next 24 months aligned with a growth strategy. 



2015: €7,500
2016: €30,000



400% Increase in FB
250% increase in Insta

New Venues

43% increase in 2015
62% increase in 2016

Get in touch

Samuel Lyons, The Tara Building, 12 Tara Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. D02 RY83

Work inquiries

ph: +353 (086) 809 8528

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