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Feeling stuck? Are you dealing with a challenge that has you baffled? Do you feel like you have hit a wall or at a crossroads and you are unsure what to do next? Do you have a project that needs to be brought to life and you don’t know where to start? 

Relax. There is always a solution. It begins with tapping into your creativity and using design to uncover all the possible options. It begins with fully understanding the problems and then using a process to generate ideas that are aligned with the insights you have gained. You have the answers, let me help you find them.  

what can you expect?

Facilitating Insights

Empathy Maps

What do we now know that is going on? Which behaviours and attitudes are affecting us? What are these insights trying to tell us? Visualising this can help give perspective on what are the next possible steps?


Look again! True observation is about understanding what the people can’t, or won’t – always tell you. Immerse yourself into their world and perspectives. Understand their context, uncover hidden needs and hear real feedback

Customer Journey Maps

What does it feel like to be one of your customers? The insights that you can gain from knowing this journey from beginning to end can be the gold you have always been searching for. Using these learnings helps you build a real customer value proposition and increase your reputation.


Let’s get creative and look at the widest range of possible solutions. Using the insights you have learned to direct your innovation. Utilising different exercises to expand the range of ideas you generate, whether these are based on short-term or long-term goals. Get comfortable thinking outside the box.

Prototyping & Reiterate

Which solution are you going to test and put into action? Bring your first plan together and make it real. Test it in the marketplace even as a low-resolution concept. Monitor the interactions with customers. Record the results, feedback and adjust where needed. Once you see the learning, begin the process again until you find the right fit.

what to expect?

Are You Ready to take the next step

You need to commit to make changes. This will mean dedicating time and energy to learn, grow and develop. A lot of the time this is where business owner falter. They say, “I don’t have the time” or “I”m too busy”. I can show you the paths although you are the one that needs to take the journey.

What I expect From You
What to expect from me

I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is they must change if they are to get better.

Georg C. Lichtenberg

What's Next?


Needs analysis

What are the biggest challenges you are facing right now? Understanding what is priority begins with uncovering the biggest obstacles that are affecting your momentum. Once I know this I can create your plan. 

Planning work in the calendar


Plan & Schedule

Tailoring a strategic development plan that works around your busy schedule is key to the success of the programme.


Engage & Act

Your enjoyment will make all the difference in putting the learning into action. This is where the real change happens.

Confident business people reviewing project in office


Reflect, Review & Iterate

What worked, what didn’t? Why did you take certain learning on board and make changes? What did you learn about yourself that you can use again? What are the next steps you will take to move forward?

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