the client

International Tourists

EnterPortugal.com is an innovative digital platform designed to revolutionise the way individuals explore, experience, and integrate into Portugal’s rich cultural tapestry. Born from a passion for community and a deep appreciation for Portugal’s diverse heritage, EnterPortugal aims to bridge the gap between international visitors and the local way of life. Our platform serves as a comprehensive guide to the hidden gems and cultural wonders of Portugal’s 18 districts and 2 island regions, catering primarily to an English-speaking audience aged 20-45 years old, including remote workers, adventure seekers, and cultural enthusiasts.





Consulting, Design Thinking, & AI Development


March 2023 to

the challenge

Decentralising Tourism & Promoting Integration

The challenge was to address the over-saturation of tourists in certain areas while uncovering the untapped potential of lesser-known Portuguese locales. Traditional travel resources often overlooked these hidden gems, leaving a gap in the market for comprehensive and inclusive tourism information.


AI Integration & Tools
Design Thining
Web Development

Human, Tech & AI Collaborations

The solution involved creating a dynamic, AI-enhanced website that provided extensive coverage of Portugal’s diverse regions. The platform combined rich, AI-generated content with user-friendly navigation. Content creators from across the 20 districts of Portugal were invited to collaborate on the project to offer an authentic Portuguese experience. Key technologies included WordPress, JetEngine, ChatGPT, Google Bard, and a custom ChatBot for enhanced user interaction.

the solutions

Integrating Technology

The project entailed several phases: website completion with engaging content, technical refinements, SEO optimization, enhancing website security, and developing a comprehensive FAQ section. The team also focused on pre-launch marketing and ensuring the site’s accessibility and compliance with data privacy laws.

Engagement and Brand Recognition

EnterPortugal.com successfully attracted a growing audience of travelers seeking unique experiences. The platform began redistributing tourist traffic, alleviating pressure on crowded destinations and promoting sustainable tourism practices.


What I Learned

This case demonstrates the power of innovative digital solutions in transforming the travel industry. EnterPortugal.com’s success lies in its commitment to showcasing Portugal’s entirety and its utilization of AI and technology to enhance user experience and promote sustainable tourism.

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