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Problem Halved Leads To Faster Solutions

When we develop and nurture a business, or take pole position we make ourselves pivotal to the organisation. Sometimes holding so much responsibility, that we forget that it’s okay to not always know the answer. Unfortunately, this can also lead us into isolation fearing that were we to show vulnerability to our team that we lose respect and control. This is unhealthy and ineffective because we all need support along the way. At times it just takes someone to listen. Letting us more clearly see what is going on. This offers us time to reflect, get clarity and become more confident on the next steps to take. Trust that you share your challenges with me and immediately begin to see the solutions appear.

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Space To Reflect

1-2-1 Coaching

What’s going on? What problems are you facing right now? How are you currently dealing with things? What are your biggest concerns? Getting clear on your environment and scenario is the first step to find solutions and moving forward.

Empathy Mapping

What do we now know that is going on? Which behaviours and attitudes are affecting us? What are these insights trying to tell us? Visualising this can help give perspective on what are the next possible steps?

Define the Problem

Nothing can change until you understand what is getting in the way. Discovering what is the crux of the issues will give you the knowledge needed to start building the solutions. This point of view needs to be relatable to you and where you are.

Potential Solutions

What do all of these insights now tell you? Let’s get busy looking at the widest range of possible soutions that can change the outcomes. Using creativity and innovation to design the results that you know are needed. Getting comfortable and thinking outside the box.

Plan, Action & Monitor

What’s next? Which solution are you going to test and put into action? Putting a concrete plan together with deliverables will help progress and momentum. It’s essential that you closely monitor the stages moving forward. Watch the results, record changes and adjust where needed.

what to expect?

Are You Ready to take the next step

You need to commit to making changes. This will mean dedicating time and energy to learn, grow and develop. A lot of the time this is where business owners falter. They say, “I don’t have the time” or “I’m too busy”. I can show you the paths although you are the one that needs to start the journey.

What I expect From You
What to expect from me

In the beginning, people think vulnerability will make you weak, but it does the opposite. It shows you're strong enough to care.

Victoria Pratt

What's Next?


Needs analysis

What are the biggest challenges you are facing right now? Understanding what is priority begins with uncovering the biggest obstacles that are affecting your momentum. Once I know this I can create your plan. 

Planning work in the calendar


Plan & Schedule

Tailoring a strategic development plan that works around your busy schedule is key to the success of the programme.


Engage & Act

Your enjoyment will make all the difference in putting the learning into action. This is where the real change happens.

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Reflect, Review & Iterate

What worked, what didn’t? Why did you take certain learning on board and make changes? What did you learn about yourself that you can use again? What are the next steps you will take to move forward?

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  • 4 Custom Workshops
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  • Tailored Workshops
  • Empathy & Journey Maps
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