Mind Over Matter

the client

IDI - Kim McKenzie

Mind Over Matter, an IDI initiative supporting Aware, fosters mental health awareness in the design community. It strengthens Ireland’s design community by facilitating connections and demonstrating design’s business value. The event on October 10th across Ireland offers consultations with designers for a €75 fee, benefitting Aware, encouraging knowledge exchange, opportunity creation, and community support.





Consulting, Coaching & Design


Jul 2017 to Jun 2019

the challenge

Clarifying Design's Value: Addressing Key Business Questions

Kim reached out for support in refining the content for the “Mind Over Matter” event brochure, highlighting the need for clear answers to pivotal questions about design’s role and value in business. This request evolved into recognizing the broader necessity for enhanced PR, social media presence, and website content, calling for a cohesive marketing strategy that spans both digital and traditional platforms. This approach aimed to more effectively showcase design’s significance to businesses of all sizes and the tangible benefits it offers, from staff performance to customer engagement.


Digital Marketing
Concept Creation
Campaign Design
Event Management
launch event

Strategic Digital Engagement for Mind Over Matter

To broaden the impact of Mind Over Matter, a meticulous digital marketing strategy was crafted focusing on early engagement and diversified outreach. This included a blend of email marketing, social media engagement, and direct outreach, tailored to build anticipation and awareness. Key to our strategy was identifying and segmenting the audience into distinct personas, allowing for targeted messaging that resonated with potential participants’ needs and interests.

the solutions

Empowering Design's Impact

The strategy for Mind Over Matter transitioned into a practical solution through a comprehensive digital and traditional marketing approach. By crafting an engaging online presence and utilising targeted outreach, we heightened awareness and participation in the event. Interactive content, strategic partnerships, and community engagement played key roles in demonstrating design’s value to businesses and entrepreneurs, significantly increasing attendance and sponsorships. This integrated approach not only met but exceeded our objectives, showcasing design as a pivotal tool for innovation and mental health awareness within the professional community.

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2018: €23,500



400% Increase in FB
250% increase in Insta

New Volunteers

43% increase in 2018
87% increase in 2019

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