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Adama Innovations believe, AFM probe technology needs a disruptive change, the AFM user has suffered for too long from the trade off between probe price and performance. Adama have developed a unique, patented manufacturing technology, which provides, for the first time, both sharp and wear-resistant, high-quality AFM probes, at a realistic price.Precision Manufacturing Using the latest techniques imported from the semiconductor industry, our patented manufacturing technology produces the highest quality AFM probes. Because it is a scalable, repeatable process, it produces high precision parts in mass production, and enables cost-efficient fabrication at high volumes, with nanoscale control.


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Jun to Nov 2015

the challenge

Simplifying Complex Data for Broader Understanding

Adama Innovations faced the challenge of presenting their scientific data in a manner accessible to a global audience, particularly for an international conference in the United States. The difficulty lay in balancing the integrity of scientific information while making it comprehensible for customers without a scientific background. Our goal was to design a solution that not only showcased their innovative products but also communicated their value clearly to a diverse audience.


Design Consulting
Digital Marketing Strategy
Traditional Marketing
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Changing Perspectives

Focusing on Lyons Club’s strengths, the approach to Adama Innovations’ challenge showcased our ability to bridge complex scientific concepts with marketable communication strategies. Leveraging our expertise in simplifying intricate data, we devised a communications plan that made Adama’s innovations accessible to a wider audience, highlighting our knack for translating specialised knowledge into user-friendly content. This underscored our commitment to enhancing the market reach of innovative products through strategic communication solutions.

the solutions

Online, Explainer & Marketing

For Adama Innovations, Lyons Club crafted a comprehensive Digital Marketing strategy, enhancing online presence through a new website, social media, and inbound marketing. Collaboration with Digital Creatures produced an explainer video, simplifying complex product details. Ahead of a Texas conference, traditional marketing materials like business cards and brochures were created, ensuring a polished, professional launch for Adama’s product range. This solution highlighted Lyons Club’s multifaceted approach to marketing and content simplification.



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