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Adama innovations believe, AFM probe technology needs a disruptive change, the AFM user has suffered for too long from the trade off between probe price and performance. Adama have developed a unique, patented manufacturing technology, which provides, for the first time, both sharp and wear-resistant, high-quality AFM probes, at a realistic price.Precision Manufacturing Using the latest techniques imported from the semiconductor industry, our patented manufacturing technology produces the highest quality AFM probes. Because it is a scalable, repeatable process, it produces high precision parts in mass production, and enables cost-efficient fabrication at high volumes, with nanoscale control.


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Jun to Nov 2015

the challenge

Visualising scientific Data in a Consumable way

Adama Innovations approached me with the need to design a solution that will make their scientific products marketable to an international audience and for an upcoming conference in the United States. The challenge existed with trying to include the scientific data whilst also aiming to speak to a broader range of customer who needed a more layman’s perspective on their products.


Design Consulting
Digital Marketing Strategy
Traditional Marketing
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Changing Perspectives

It took a good bit of time at our initial meeting to fully understand what Adama Innovations were producing.  Once I was able to clearly visualise their process I realised that potentially there was a ‘loss in translation’ scenario that needed to be addressed going forward with their marketing. The heavily scientific language and material they were using was consumable by a very narrow field of experts. To bring their products to an international audience required designing a communications plan that accounted for a much lower common denominator of people. How can you simply visualise something that normally is not shown in a user-friendly way?

the solutions

Online, Explainer & Marketing

I put together a Digital Marketing strategy that incorporated the build of a new user-friendly website, a full suite of social media channels and an inbound marketing strategy. We worked with Christopher in Digital Creatures on developing an easy to understand explainer video for Adama probes and their manufacturing process. 

The final piece was to support the Adama team who were about to head off to a conference in Texas to launch the new Adama product range. We designed and produced a full traditional marketing pack that included business cards, roll-up banners, flyers and brochures.

conference setup
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